AGI Creative Labo

Upgrade society
by force of "Web3 + Creative"

Currently, blockchain technology allows DAO, DeFi, NFT, etc. to operate globally on a decentralized ecosystem, and in the age of WEB3, it is now possible for creators to take ownership of their works and copyrighted materials without having to go through a centralized organization.

”In the Web3 era, the most important question is creativity.
 How do we connect that to business? "

We believe that original creativity that is not borrowed or rehashed from overseas examples is the fundamental power to realize Web3. We are building our strategy with an emphasis on SX (Sustainability Transformation), balancing our business strength as a company with ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), and with an emphasis on management style and dialogue with investors.

Beyond the great horizon, a sustainable society that has not yet been seen will emerge. This is the era of Web3. We will realize a sustainable society by best mixing the creative power of people and the technological power of Web3. This is our mission, and we will continue to take on the challenge to realize it.

CEO and Representative Director
Naohiko Ueno

Our service


  • Protection by leveraging IP x Proc Chain
  • Mainly foreign market marketing of IP digitization and NFT


  • Reward design and consulting within Tokenomics

Fintech, Payments, Stablecoin, CBDC

  • Development of settlement infrastructure
  • DX for settlement, financing, asset management, and remittance
  • Development of financial x DID wallet
  • Stable coin and CBDC settlement
  • Support for digital bank operations


  • Interoperability of payment infrastructures
  • Development of interoperability systems
  • Interoperability of remittance systems

Company info

Established June 27, 2014
Representative Naohiko Ueno, CEO and Representative Director
Number of employees 22 (including subcontractors)

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